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-Whitetail Deer-

Hair On Hides

Small  $77.00

Large  $87.00

XXLarge $100.00

Leather Skins

Up To 8sqft  $59.50

9 to 12sqft  $69.50

Colors available:

Natural, Gold, Black, and Brown

In-stock quantities only




-Craft Deer Leather-

"Natural Buckskin"

Various Sizes & Odd Shapes

2 Skins for $55.00

In-stock quantities only





Whole Hides Available!

Leather and Hair-On

Limited Stock Quantities

Priced pr sqft

Call for Prices





Whole Hides Available!

Leather and Hair-On

Limited Stock Quantities

Priced pr sqft

Call for Prices




-Lifesize Furs and Bears-

Call for individual prices

Limited Quantities Available




Call or Write for complete price list information on all stock items and services







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Welcome to Yost Fur Dressing!!

Try Yost Fur Dressing to experience Clean, Soft, Supple Furs, and Quality Leather

Our facility has been serving the trade since 1969
We process all furs, hides, and leather year round!


Leather tanning for Moose, Cow, Elk, Deer, Buffalo, Boar, Javelina, Sheep, Caribou, and more!
Colors available: natural, gold, black, and brown

Tanning available for Hippo, Rhino, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Alligator, Crocodile, and other exotics as well!!



Custom services also available for exotics requiring
specialty handling. Please call with any questions.


Our tanning services have included (but are not limited to) the following:
Alligator, antelope, badger, bear (all types), beaver, boar, bobcat, wildcat, buffalo/bison, caribou, cow (calf, steer, bull), coyote, crocodile, deer, elk, fish, fisher, fox, goat, hippo, horse, javelina, lion (African & mountain), llama, lynx, marten, mink, moose, muskrat, opossum, otter, ostrich/emu, rhino, shark, sheep(domestic & wild), snake, skunk, squirrel, weasel, wolf, wolverine, zebra

We also provide tanning services for Miscellaneous items:
Antelope feet, bear feet, bison feet, caribou feet, deer feet, deer tail, deer pate, elk feet, moose feet, scrotums (hair on and leather), & ostrich/emu legs.

Call 920-743-7162 for instructions, prices, and answers to questions


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-African Leather-

Our Complete Leather Tanning Service now includes ALL skins

Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Wildebeest, and Rhino

Your choice of colors:

Natural Grey, Black, or Brown

Contact us for Pricing and Instructions






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